Message on Haj from Rauff Hakeem

Sep 23, 2015

Haj, one of the five main pillars of Islam, holds and radiates a message for the benefit and wellbeing of all people of the world, be they Muslim or otherwise. It has a purpose and a pursuit. It is a mission towards all creatures, including animals, birds and plants. It is a yearly celebration that gathers millions of people, men and women, from different ages, languages, races, cultural backgrounds, colors, and nationalities in a magnificent, delightful and marvelously unique scene of peaceful human solidarity.

The Haj reminds us of Prophet Abraham's  submission in offering his beloved son’s life as ordained and personal  trial of this great prophet and humanity's sage. The Quran tells us Ismail was replaced by a ram just when Abraham was about to slay his beloved son. And this supreme act of sacrifice and unquestioning submission to divine will so move Allah that He chose to immortalise it for all times to come.Through the centuries, pilgrims from around the world trek to the Holy Land to remember and celebrate that noble sacrifice. They retrace and relive the spiritual journey of Abraham and Ismail, just as Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did for all mankind through the mist of time.

Haj rituals convey messages of peace: peace with oneself, peace among Muslims, peace with non-Muslims, and peace with the environment and with nature. Wishing you peace and joy always.

Rauff Hakeem MP

Leader, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress

Minister of City Planning and Water Supply